Friday, August 16, 2013

trails and stairs

Well, we just got back from a wonderful vacation in Door County, WI.  My mom, the boys and I spent a week relaxing, exploring, eating out for breakfast and dinner, swimming, and of coarse eating lots of ice cream.  Each time that we go up north as the boys get older we are able to try new things.  This trip we decided to go for a hike through Peninsula State Park.  The previous year we tried to do this hike with the boys. At the time Mason was 2 and Pip was...well small enough to be carried in a baby backpack type carrier.  I think originally the plan was to do the short part of the trail and then we decided to do the whole 2 mile hike...lets just say that going on a 2 mile hike with a toddler riding on my shoulders and a baby carried by a 60 year old grandmother with no water, sunscreen, bug repellant, or even a cell phone for an emergency with us was not one of our more brilliant moments.

This year tho was a totally different experience.  First of all we came prepared.  We knew ahead of time that we would only attempt the short trail with both kids walking at their own speed.  We had drinks and snacks in a cooler in the truck for after the hike.  And brought along a cell phone for emergencies, and to take pictures with of coarse.  So we set off on our hike.

Mason was very excited and mostly wanted to run.  

Pip on the other hand was happy to stroll along at his pace, look at the trees, pick up a stick...thankfully my mom with with us, so she hung back with the Pip while I went ahead with Mason.

I guess the hike really wore out Pip, cause he found this bench and decided to take a break.

When we finished our hike, we walked out from the trail and this is the first thing Mason saw.  Immediately, he takes off and was on a mission to climb.  This thing has over 100 steps up.  Last year, we tried to go up Eagle Tower, but the day we did it it was extremely windy and we only made it up half way.

So this year, Mason was on a mission to make it to the top...and off he went.

Half way up we saw an airplane fly by.  He was really excited about it and didn't seem to mind letting go of the railings.  I on the other hand was gripping the side with one hand and snapping pictures with the other.

Grandma and Pip stayed down on the ground, where it was safe. 

And finally, we made it all the way to the top!  He was super excited about it.  Can you tell?

I am so proud of Mason that he doesn't have a fear of heights and had enough energy to make it all the way up and back.  I didn't even have to carry him at all!  Good job!
Whew, that was a lot of hard work.  We had a nice cold drink and then went back to the hotel for a swim after we had made back down all those stairs!

Can't wait to go back next year and take Pip with us up the tower!  What are some fun things you do on vacation with your kids?


  1. I love that you vacation at the same place. These will become memories for the boys that will last forever!!

    1. Oh absolutely! It's a family mom has been going up there since she was a kid, and I've been going since I was many memories, and a great place to be. I'm sure there are other great placed out there to visit..but there is something special about vacationing somewhere where everyone has memories and it familiar! :)

  2. We should go together next year :-) We are headed there Labor Day Weekend